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Twins Prospect List: 45-41

Here is part 2 of my prospect list I hope you enjoyed part 1.  Today I will be bringing you prospects 45-41.  I will be bringing you 5 a day until we get all the way to number one.  This will take awhile so keep checking back here for daily looks at who I have in certain spots and what I think of them.  I am sure you will disagree with some and if so by all means leave me a comment in the comment section.  If you prefer you can also shoot me an email at  Also if you prefer you can hit me up on twitter @texastwinsfan so whichever way you prefer let me know what you think of my list.

45. Stuart Turner C  12/27/91  22 3rd round pick 2013 draft out of Ole Miss
2013 stats: .272 average  3hr 19rbi 5 doubles  16 runs scored  .345/.384/.729
2013 teams: Elizabethton, New Britain
2014 team: Cedar Rapids
ETA: 2016

Coming into the 2013 draft Turner was thought of as the top collegiate catcher and with the Twins lacking high quality catching in the minors there seemed to be a match.  So it came as no surprise that the Twins tabbed the Ole Miss catcher in the 3rd round.  His scouting report is as a very good defensive catcher.  Most think that it will be his glove not his bat that will get him to the big leagues.  He only played in 35 games in 2013 so there is a lot to prove for Turner.  Most don’t believe that he will be able to hit going forward, but 2014 is a good chance for him to prove his naysayer’s wrong.  I believe defensively he has all the tools to make it to the big leagues.  He frames pitches well, has a strong arm, and pitchers that I have talked to have said he calls a good game.  I believe he is a future Twin if possibly as a backup catcher.  2014 will be a big year for Turner as he tries to prove that he can hit at a high level.  That question will determine if he is a big prospect or a backup catcher.

44.  AJ Achter RP  8/27/88  25 46th round pick 2010 draft out of Michigan St.
2013 stats: 3-2  2.54era  4saves  41games  60.1inn  45hits  33bb  56k
2013 teams: New Britain, Rochester
2014 team: Rochester
ETA: 2014

For being a 46th round pick out of Michigan State in 2010 for Achter to get to AAA is quite amazing.  I saw him when he was in Beloit in 2011 and to be honest I was not really that impressed with him.  His velocity was not that impressive and his command was nothing to get excited about.  After going 5-8 with a 4.52era in 2011 as the starter the Twins made the decision to turn him into a reliever for the 2012 season.  That decision has worked out great as he picked up a few MPH on his fastball with good movement.  He now throws in low 90’s and occasionally can hit 95.  However, when he is doing well he is a ground ball pitcher with a good sinking fastball to go along with a very good changeup and a decent slider and curveball.  I was a little bit surprised that he was not added to the 40 man roster this offseason and he is the example that the round you are drafted has nothing to do with your success level.  The only question mark is his command as he walked 33 batters in 60.1 innings.  If he throws strikes there is no reason for him not to make his debut for the Twins this summer and be a key contributer going forward.

43. Adrian Salcedo P  2/5/91   22    Signed as Free Agent out of DR in 2007
2013 stats: 6-3  3.70era  2saves  34games  58.1 innings  53 hits  15bb  54k
2013 team: Fort Myers
2014 team: New Britain
ETA: 2015

What a journey that Salcedo has been on the last couple years as he was in the Twins top 5 prospects just a couple years ago.  However, due to injuries and ineffectiveness he has struggled the last few years.  He suffered a partially torn UCL and instead of having the dreaded Tommy John surgery the Twins training staff decided on a rest and rehab approach which usually is the kiss of death for a pitcher.  However, they decided to move Salcedo to the bullpen in 2013 and for the most part it worked out pretty well.  The 3.70era was the 2nd lowest era he has had since 2009 when he was in the GCL.  There is so much uncertainty when it comes to Salcedo because based on talent he would be in the 10-15 range.  When I saw him at Beloit in 2011 I came away thinking wow that guy is a stud and the future of Twins pitching.  When healthy he throws 93-96, but when he backs off he can get movement.  He has a quality changeup that is his strikeout pitches.  He throws a slider, but it is not at the point that it can be counted on.  Until he can consistantly throw his slider he is likely a bullpen arm.  However, if he can learn to consistantly throw his slider and get swings and misses then he has starter capablity.  For those that are giving up on Salcedo that is a mistake as he is one of the most talented pitchers in the organization and 2014 is a huge year for him to show that he is the big time prospect that he once was.

42. Daniel Ortiz OF   1/5/90   24    4th round pick 2008 draft from Puerto Rico
2013 stats: .258 average  12hr 60rbi  27 doubles 4 triples 63runs scored  .301/.405/.706
2013 team: New Britain
2014 team: New Britain
ETA: 2015

Daniel Ortiz was a 4th round pick out of Puerto Rico in 2008 and has turned out to be a solid outfielder.  There is nothing that he really excels at, but he does everthing well.  He has gap power by the 43 xtra base hits would attest too.  He doesn’t walk much as he only walked 27 times in 484 at bats.  What I really like about him is his flexibility defensively as he can play all three defensive positions and play them very well.  I see him more as a fourth outfielder in the big leagues.  A interesting fact that you don’t see very often, Ortiz hit .289 against left handed pitching as opposed to just .198 against right handed pitching.  That would be a normal split if he was right handed, but the fact that Ortiz bats left handed makes it interesting.  If he can keep that kind of production against lefty’s and improve to league average against righty’s he will be good.  He can be streaky and that can be good and bad if he wants to make it he needs to develop more consistancy.  I really like Daniel Ortiz as a prospect and think he has a real chance to atleast turn into a backup player for the Twins if he can develop more consistancy.

41. Brian Navarreto     C   12/29/94   19    6th round pick of 2013 draft, HS in Florida
2013 stats: .226 average  3hr 16rbi  10 doubles  15bb 35k  15 runs  .318/.365/.683
2013 team: GCL Twins
2014 team: Elizabethton
ETA: 2018

Navaretto came out of high school in Jacksonville, Florida and caught the Twins eye with his skill set as a good prep catcher.  So it came as no suprise when the Twins tabbed the Jacksonville resident in the 6th round last June.  Navaretto spent the summer with the GCL Twins where he struggled offensively and showed the skills defensively that have the Twins so excited about him.  He is a big strong athletic catcher and the belief that he can improve immensly.  He was only 18 years old when drafted so there is excitement about his potential.  He has a strong arm and the belief is worst case scenario he can be a very good defensive catcher.  Offensively, he was good in high school, but has some work to do to be an all around catcher.  However, the reason I have him rated higher than Stuart Turner is although Turner is more polished Navaretto has more upside.  There are some that believe that Navaretto can turn out to a major league starter he has all the tools to be good offensively and defensively.  Twins fans need to give him time to develop as he will play 2014 at only 19 years old so the learning curven will be long and steep.  However, if you are looking for someone who has the potential to be a good major leaguer some day then you don’t need to look any further than Brian Navaretto.

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